Buy Local/Cash Now

Cash Now

Cash Now is a “buy local” program designed to keep dollars in the Norfolk area.  The printed certificates can be used at any Norfolk Area Chamber-member business participating in the Cash Now program. Employers and businesses can give Cash Now certificates to their employees for incentives, recognition, holiday gifts, giveaway’s at special events, drawings, etc.  Individuals can give them for birthdays, weddings, or as a simple thank you.  The uses are endless!  To purchase Chamber Cash Now certificates, go to the Cash Now tab on the home page or contact the Chamber at (402)371-4862 or

What Businesses are Utilizing Cash Now?

For a list of the businesses utilizing the Cash Now program CLICK HERE then go to “Participating Merchants”.

Want to Become a Cash Now Merchant?

If you are a Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce member interested in becoming a Cash Now merchant, contact the Chamber at 402-371-4862 or

**Certificates are valid for 1 year from date of issuance**

Why Buy Local?

On behalf of its more than 600 Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce members, Norfolk and neighboring community citizens are encouraged to “buy local” whether selecting a contractor for hail damage, a retailer for new school clothes, or groceries for their family.  Together, by “buying local,” we can grow area jobs, our local economy, and our community!