Builders Exchange

The Norfolk Builders Exchange orders blueprints directly from architects/engineers, typically without paying a deposit, and houses them. Members are able to schedule a time to view plans in-house or check them out for a 24-hour period.

General contractors/sub-contractors that are awarded the bid may schedule a time to pick up the blueprints and spec book to keep for their use.

Just $120 a year for Chamber members OR $170 for non-Chamber members (new members are pro-rated based on months.) Renewal billing is done annually each April. All extra fees are due at this time, as well.

Fee includes:

  • Weekly flyer* that provides:
    • Advanced knowledge of area projects
    • In-house blueprint plans
    • Bid dates
    • Addendum information
    • Architect’s name & contact information
  • Scheduling privileges to view plans at the Exchange office
  • 24-hour plan check-out privileges, allowing for more time to compile your bid. (first ten (10) check-outs are free – $3 for each additional.)

*Flyers are distributed via email (preferred, fax or snail mail.

Additional benefit to belonging to the Norfolk Builders Exchange….

  •  If we don’t have a plan you’re interested in, contact us and we’ll try to order it at no additional cost
  • Exchange handles all shipping costs

Click here for Norfolk Builders’ Exchange application.

If you have any questions regarding the Norfolk Builders Exchange please contact the Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce at 402-371-4862 or

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