NorthFork Riverfront Development Committee






North Fork Riverfront Development Committee

The North Fork Riverfront Development Committee is committed to the vision of developing the land along the North Fork of the Elkhorn River. A river like the North Fork of the Elkhorn that runs through the Norfolk community is a natural resource that few communities posses but would all love to have. The Committee envisions the area being used to generate new cultural and recreational opportunities.


The mission of the project is to consider the possibilities for capitalizing on resources along the North Fork of the Elkhorn River which runs through Norfolk. The effort will consider the uses for recreation, retail, commercial, housing and other related amenities to provide a regional destination and establish working, playing and living environments for residents and visitors.

Potential Ideas

The development could include recreational opportunities mixed with non-traditional housing, entertainment, retail business including restaurants, hotels, shopping, pedestrian/bicycle paths with public restrooms, special lighting, paddle boats, observation decks, educational opportunities, historical information in hubs along the nearly 3-mile corridor.


The committee meets on the third Wednesday of each month from noon to 1:00pm at Prenger’s Restaurant to discuss current projects, including a new recreational trail being developed in Johnson’s Park in Norfolk and potential new projects or ideas that fit the mission to develop the North Fork area and make their project a reality.

For more information about the North Fork Riverfront Development Committee, contact the Chamber at 402-371-4862 or