An Open Letter to the Oktoberfest Presenting Sponsor…











Dear Presenting Sponsor,

Oh my! Oktoberfest is about to begin year #SIX. We can’t believe how far things have come since the first festival. We were just little tikes in the Chamber parking lot, celebrating our heritage and harvest with some dancing and music. Now, six years later, our little tike is a full-grown German man with 30 simultaneous events in 2 days, 7 exceptional bands, and 70,000 square feet of non-stop action.

The one thing that has been a pillar each year is our loyal sponsors. We have one-heck-of-a-festival on our hands because of them. This year’s official sponsor list is a beautiful thing to look at because it shows over 80 of the finest businesses and people in the Norfolk Area. They have joined our cavalry, and decided to support one of the things that makes the Norfolk Area great! Our presenting sponsor, Bank First, has been steadfast since day one, walking alongside our team to create a masterpiece.

Bank First is an Oktoberfest legend. They are in the board room with us 6 months before the festival, they are securing vendors and sponsors, and they are on the ground during the festival volunteering. The team there believes in this festival and believes in the Chamber. It’s no wonder they are an essential bank in our community; They are locally owned, they are our neighbors, and they form relationships to build a better community and a brighter future. Here’s to another year of the Norfolk Oktoberfest Family Festival presented by Bank First.



The Norfolk Area Chamber Team